My mom want to lose wieght but she can’t because she is in a lot of pain, she even walks with crutches. Any tips? She is a diabetic so she needs to eat sugar but she still tries eating healthy. (I had to put a random link) : Health

Make sure she talks to her doctor first. Simple changes to a diabetic persons meds may help with weight loss and certain, testable, nutritional deficiencies that make hunger regulation difficult can be addressed. They would also be a good place to start about seeing if you’re Mom is healthy enough to exercise.

The next person to talk to would be a nutritionist. While carbs are probably necessary, she could possibly minimize simple sugars in the diet to great effect. Also, protein deficiencies tend to drive people to eat despite their best efforts to diet.

A good physical therapist is who I’d go to next. They can evaluate for Musculoskeletal issues that would make exercise too difficult to allow for habit formation. They can also start her off on safe exercises to build up a bit of muscle and keep her metabolism chugging away to burn the excess weight.

If push comes to shove.. Consider Bariatrics. It’s not without problems, but nothing ever is.

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