People under 40 shouldn’t drink alcohol, study says : Health

interesting fact, the studies purporting a glass of wine a day to be healthy have been completely debunked.

First it was said a glass of wine a day was healthy. Further research showed, oh wow, actually this benefit persists REGARDLESS of the type of alcohol! One beer, one mixed drink, one glass of wine, ALL healthier than never drinking at all!


The problem is that those studies were DEEPLY FLAWED.

Because imagine 4 groups of people. Abstainers, people who have 1 drink a day, people who drink regularly, and alcoholics.

We all know alcoholics are going to have the worst health. And if alcohol isn’t really very good for you, we’d expect regular drinkers to fare worse.

Our expectations were upset however when it showed drinking once a day was better than abstaining. But everyone loved the justification/encouragement to have a glass of somethin somethin to unwind, so they came up with logic to explain it.

The truth is, really think about a group of abstainers. Who is in that group? People who never drink, ok…but..people who never drink bc they are recovering t alcoholics are going to be in that group. And their bodies have incurred sometimes GREAT damage already from alcoholism.

Also in that group are people with any number of health issues that preclude them from being allowed to enjoy alcohol. People who take meds it interacts with. etc. People who already have health challenges.

When you realize that, it’s easy to see how a group of people who drink one glass of alcohol a day (meaning they don’t seem to have addictive tendencies and don’t NEED to abstain for health reasons) would live longer and be generally healthier than a group which includes people with chronic disease and any number of mental or physical maladies.

Recent studies which have factored recovering alcoholics and people with chronic illness or other medical reasons for abstaining from alcohol have shown that the so-called “benefit” of one glass a day completely vanishes, and that YES…it is always healthiest to completely abstain from alcohol.

I say this not to be preachy, just as science. I drink occasionally, I just have no illusions that it’s good for me.

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